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Holly Olivia and Becca's LJ

Holly, Olivia, Becca
acorns and kites, ahah, algebra, baking, bay lane, beach cruisers, becca's house, being really awesome, being super kute~*~*, biology, bouncing back, boy meets world!!!!!, bratz dolls, cadet kelly, candy, caramel dough, chapstick, chicken, chocolate, chocolate covered crickets, chunky apple sauce, coloring books, computer petz, cool movies, cool parties, costume crew!!!!, daisy's, ddr, degrassi, dino's, dole 5 a day, dr.gold, drawing pictures of beavers, food in general, footie pajamas, free people, galaxies, geometric shapes, google image search, grandma olivia, gus, hair clips, hair gel, hanson, heather harry and holly, hershey's ice cream, hester griffin, honey-like goo, horoscopes, hot cocoa, ice cream, internet, jim, kaboodles, kaleidascopes, knitting, legend of zelda, making mixes, mary-kate and ashley, michael jackson, miss stebby, mittens, moshing, mr. feinstien um, mulligatawny soup, music, nappy d, nick names, non-perieles, nutella, orange peels, orthaodics., pianos, pokemon, post its, prisms, records, salad, science and technology, shopping, sjikficigijk, sledding, sleeping, socks, stickers, stockpot, stoops, susie sally and sam, the big dipper, the crayola calculator, the food network, the next dimension, thesauruses, time travel, trampolines, video games, weatherbug, yarn, ~*~*sk8r boiz~*~*